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Calvin Hunt, Kwakwaka’waka, Hams'spek Totem Pole, 2007.
Photo John Joe.

Ralph T. Coe Center Fellowship 2013: was awarded to Lisa Hsu Barrera. As of the summer of 2013, Lisa was finishing her MA at the California State University in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Museum Studies. She received her BA in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Archaeology from the University of California. In September 2012 to May 2013 she was awarded the Anne Ray Internship at the Indian Arts Research Center at the School of Advanced Research in Santa Fe, NM. The Center was thrilled to have her working with us this summer months from July through August 2013, assisting in our exhibition /The Ralph T. Coe Legacy, "Instruments of Passion"/ held at El Museo Cultural in Santa Fe from August 9-30, 2013.