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Doll House Rocker, Sofa, Bed, and Chair

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RTCFA No. NA0100a-d
Doll House Rocker, Sofa, Bed, and Chair
Artist: Clara Neptune Keezer Birth: 1930
Brown ash splint and fabric. Rocker: 3 x 6 in.

Geographic Location: Pleasant Point
Region: Maine
Group / Tribe: Passamaquoddy

Description: Ted was introduced to Clara Keezer while preparing the /*Lost and Found Traditions*/ exhibition and they stayed in touch over the years, Ted visiting and buying from her on each visit to her home in Maine. Mrs. Keezer received the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts, National Heritage Fellowship award; Ted sponsored the nomination. —Bruce Bernstein

In Victorian times New England splint basket makers excelled in making doll furniture of ash splint, cut on very small scale gauges. This is a rare survivor set made by Clara Keezer and still looks Victorian, despite the fact that they were made about 1980. Such pieces also served as pincushions. —Ted Coe