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Haida double clasp bracelet

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RTCFA No. NA 0186
Haida double clasp bracelet
Artist: unknown Birth: n/a Death: n/a
Coin silver, 1.3 in. (3.3 cm). Diam: 7.5 in. (19 cm).

Region: Northwest Coast
Group / Tribe: Haida

Description: Silver arm bracelet with double clasp.

Provenance: Purchased from James Economos when he was a dealer in New York City.

*Coe wrote:* This is a classic Haida silver bracelet showing a bear (?) face with its sides bilaterally split around the bracelet. A rope design appears on both rims. Although the maker of this late 19th century piece is not known, its great quality and stylistic perfection may lead to an identification of the artist. Not only are the cross-hatching and “rope” borders exquisitely executed there is a whole variety of their execution, ranging from minuscule zones of hatching to areas to fine diagonal parallels lines to combinations of large and small interstices, all evenly engraved with consummate skill. I do not know who the maker was but it may be a personal style which could possibly be attributed to an individual jeweler. This piece is crafted from coin silver rather than commercial sheet silver. All in all a succulent merging of formalism and stylistic detail, a real classic design!