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Haida Gold bracelet

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RTCFA No. NA 0187
Haida Gold bracelet
Artist: Robert Davidson–signed by artist “R. Davidson” Birth: 1946 Death: n/a
Gold, 1.75 x 3 in. (4.4 x 7.6 cm).

Geographic Location: Haida, BC
Region: Northwest Coast
Group / Tribe: Haida

Description: Haida Gold bracelet by Robert Davidson

Provenance: Purchased at the Vancouver Museum and Planetarium Assn. Gift Shop, Vancouver, BC. (Leona Lattimer).

*Coe wrote:* When staying in Vancouver for a day or two in the company of good friend Rev. Tom Weiderholdt, Leona Lattimer told me to "come right over" because she had a very important bracelet by Robert Davidson which she had just obtained from him. Leona Lattimer had made a great success of running the Vancouver Centennial Museum Gift shop. She knew well all the best contemporary Northwest Coast artists, as well as who was coming along. I hustled over to the shop and was treated to this wide gold bracelet that depicts a double eagle in a very abstract way. It was made precisely at the time when Robert was, probably through the influence of his printmaking, rethinking the formal traditional elements of NWC in a new and refreshing way. This bracelet was the result of such synthetic thinking.