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Assiniboine Beaded Vest

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RTCFA No. NA 0390
Assiniboine Beaded Vest
Artist: uknown
Beads, red stroud, black cloth border, 20.5 x 17.5 in. (52 x 44.4 cm).

Geographic Location: Canada
Region: Plains
Group / Tribe: Assiniboine

Description: Coe purchased this vest in London in 1997. The seller was uncertain about which tribe to attribute it to and thought it could possibly be Crow, but Coe was able to determine almost immediately that it was Assiniboine based on certain characteristics. He noted that "No one but the Assiniboine or possibly Gros Ventre could work out such a contradictory balance of opposing bold colors: white joined at the center, double vertical diamonds with pink and yellow fields to each side, and bright blue surrounding the armholes. Bold outlines of subsidiary devices include arrows, crosses, meat rack designs, and stylized animal symbols." Coe’s ability to identify the origins of the vest related to two distinct aspects of his expertise; first, his keen aesthetic eye, honed through his work as a curator, a student of art, and by growing up surrounded by his father’s art collection. And, second, his study of art through viewing original objects, museum exhibitions, and/or books and catalogs.