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Beaded Tennis Shoes

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RTCFA No. NA 0604
Beaded Tennis Shoes
Artist: Teri Greeves Birth: 1970
White Converse Tennis Shoes, #13 cut beads, seed beads, blue shoe laces, 6 x 12 in. (15.2 x 30.4 cm).

Geographic Location: Southern Plains
Region: Plains
Group / Tribe: Kiowa (resident of Santa Fe)

Description: /*Indian Girls.*/Pair of beaded Converse Tennis shoes.

Provenance: Exhibited November 1-18, 2004 at Fort Lewis College Art Gallery, Durango, CO 81301. Purchased at the Eight Northern Pueblos Market, Nambe Pueblo, July 21-22 2001.

Teri Greeves is a Kiowa-Comanche-Italian beadwork artist who lives in Santa Fe. She has won innumerable awards and honors and her works are found in museums throughout the United States and Europe. Her pieces are noted for their bold colors, details, and their depiction of movement. Greeves has a unique way of combining traditional Kiowa beading techniques and designs in a contemporary interpretation. Mostly however, we are continually awed by Greeve’s seamless melding of the old and new, living today with a firm hand on tradition. Coe spotted this pair at the Santa Fe Indian Market in 2001 and fell in love with them immediately. He describes her by saying: “She has reinvented line drawing and invested the colorism of beadwork with a[n] entirely new energy equal to the movement of a dancer’s feet.” <%include Links.Imagev3(caption=>'Detail.')%>