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Creating Side-By-Side Artist Programs

Meghan O'Brien at the Coe, 2017

Please stay tuned for announcements about our upcoming 2018!

The Ralph T. Coe Center for the Arts is pleased to present the ongoing series of CREATING SIDE-BY-SIDE Artist Programs. This Series is designed to ignite the senses through working and conversing with artists in collaboration with the Coe Collection. Working hands-on, artists select work from the Coe collection to share in dialogue with his/her own artwork and the public. These events pair mini-curation with public conversations investigating how an artist finds inspiration through the work of others and what can be learned by artists and the public from this process.

Too often collections sit on shelves; when only viewed, they remain underutilized in teaching and instructing us in an object's role as carrier of cultural intellect and history. Objects may be about the past; but when united with the present they can speak about the future. The Coe Center executive director and curator, Dr. Bruce Bernstein says of the series: The events are a natural evolution of public art collections; putting them to work to awaken all the senses an object's ability as a teacher is heightened.

Rachel Wixom, Coe Center President invites all to attend. I am so excited about this program. We are so very happy to welcome these artists to work with the Center's one-of-a-kind collection; and what an amazing opportunity to be inspired!

All events are free. Please contact us at or (505) 983-6372 for more information.