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Eye Opener

2018 Hands-On Curatorial students.

Saturday, May 12, 2018 5-7 pm
Eye Opener, Opening Reception. Exhibition up through July 6, 2018. Please call ahead to visit.
The Coe Center's Hands-On Curatorial Program is in its fourth year working with high school students from the Academy of Technology and the Classics (ATC) and the Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS). Returning students Gailene Morgan (Meskwaki Nation & Tesuque Pueblo) and Ashlyn Lovato (Santa Clara Pueblo) are joined by new members, Aurora Escobedo (Tesuque Pueblo), Qootsvenma Denipah-Cook (Ohkay Owingeh), and Roan Mulholland. The program provides an opportunity for students to work hands-on with the Coe collection of over 2,000 works of indigenous art from around the world. Through museum visits and weekly sessions, the curators learn how to create their own exhibition from the Coe collection by selecting objects, researching and drafting wall texts, writing press releases, designing graphics and the exhibition layout, as well as creating their own limited-run curator-designed t-shirts in collaboration with Santa Fe Teen Arts Center, formerly know as Warehouse 21. The participants build their own exhibition from the ground up.

We, as curators, began by selecting multiple objects from the Coe Collection that caught our eye. We then conducted in-depth research on each item, sharing with our peers what we uncovered at the Coe. We continue to learn information that we didn't know before and build onto knowledge we already had to establish our view of the pieces. We have been able to experience that there's more to this world than what is outside the door.

This exhibition presents objects from the Coe Collection and our unique connections with them in different forms of media like sound, video, stop-motion animation, poems, and photographs. We found that by taking our research into our own hands and presenting it through these creative outlets it opened up a window to curate differently. We expressed our own thoughts on what the pieces inspired in us and hopefully connect the pieces more with the audience that comes to see them. We did not want to make another boring exhibition that has information copied and pasted. Our unique way of presenting these objects and their backgrounds will make the audience more intrigued.